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aBeacon is a subsidiary of the leading data intelligence company GeTui(Merit Interactive, Stock Ticker: 300766). Based on GeTui's massive data resources and comprehensive data analytical capabilities, aBeacon is aimed at helping brands improve marketing effectiveness and optimize marketing strategies through consumer insights, audience targeting and attribution analysis in marketing.
Honor & Awards
2020 EDGE Awards
2020 Top BrandInnovation Awards
2018 Marketing Innovation Golden Prize of Meihua event
2018 Business Creativity Award SHORTLIST of ROI Festival
2018 Annual Gold Medal Case of Chinese Advertiser Great Wall Award
2018 Annual Case at the Advertiser Ceremony of Chinese International Advertising Festival
2018 Wireless Marketing Best Case FINAL LIST of China MMA
2018 Golden Prize of ADMEN Digital Marketing Case
2018 Gold Medal of TopDigital Innovation
2017 Annual Advertising of the Great Wall Award of China Advertising Association
2016 Business Creativity SHORTLIST of ROI Festival
2016 Wireless Marketing Brands Influence FINAL LIST of China MMA
2016 Golden Prize of Top Digital Data Marketing Service
2016 Annual Recommended Mobile Marketing Platform of PHOENIX Adx Festival
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